QLS-101B 特种纱线松式络筒机


Dyeing mill can manufacture soft package with uniform density.



1. 适用于弹性纱、细旦纤维、羊绒、羊毛、高F涤纶及真丝等纱线。筒纱密度为0.15—0.3g/cm3;

2. 单锭无级变频调速,慢起动,急制动,络纱速度:对于弹性纱及细旦纤维为200—300m/min,对于羊绒、羊毛、高F涤纶纱及真丝为300—400m/min;

3. 具有电子断纱自停和满管自停功能功能

4. 筒纱大直径为Φ200mm,动程分152mm (6”)和200mm (8”)两种;

5. 适合筒管:6”和8”的00钢丝筒管、塑料筒管。筒管高度6”为170mm,8”为230mm;

6. 每锭设有大小两套超前喂入轮装置。



1.  Applicable yarns include elastic yarns, fine denier yarns,

    pashm, wool, high-F polyester yarns and silk,

    etc; The density of take-up package is 0.15—0.3g/cm3;

2.  One spindle one inverter so that the yarn speed is adjustable

    individually between spindles; Soft startup and quick slowdown. Winding speed:

    200-300m/min for elastic and fine denier yarns;

    300-400m/min for pashm, wool, high-F polyester and silk yarns;

3.  Electronic yarnbreak auto-stop function, and package-full auto-stop function;

4.  Max. package diameter is Φ200mm; The stroke is 152mm (6”) or 200mm (8”);

5.  Applicable bobbin: 6” or 8” 00 steel wire bobbin and plastic bobbin,

    the height is 170mm(6”) or 230mm(8”);

6.  Every spindle has two sets of over-feeding wheel devices, one is big and the other is small.

QLS-101A                                     结构配CONFIGRATION

机器布局L ayou of machines                    单面机sing-side machine

驱动     Drive                                单锭独立变频Sndividual frequency inverter

卷绕速度Winding speed                         50~500 m/min

功率Power                                     180瓦/锭180 w/spindle

输出卷装直径Cone size                         max.280 mm

卷绕形式Winding                               0°,4°20’,5°57’

导纱动程Winding traverse                      6”(150mm),8”(200mm),10”(250mm)

交叉角Crossover angle                         13°,16°

每节锭数Spindle per unit                      4(6”),3(8”,10”)

最大锭数Max. number spindles                  60

断纱自停Auto-stop control                     电子断纱自停electrronic auto-stop device

上蜡装置Waxing device                         可选optional

上油装置Oiling device                         可选optional

菠萝锭成型Pineapple bobbin                    可选optional

绞纱宽度Hank width                            220mm,290mm

绞纱周长Hank perjmeter                        1100~1800mm

绞纱重量Max. hank weight                      2  kg


4  锭  4Heads                                    1450x800x1800mm(6”)