1.         筒纱成形优良,纱线断头率低。适用于羊绒、羊毛、全棉丝光线和人造丝/锦纶等多种纱线。适用纱线范围0.2s~150s多品种纱线;

2.         单锭无级变频调速,慢起动,急制动,络纱速度:50~600m/min可调;

3.         具有电子断纱自停和满管自停功能。

4.         具有自动减速功能,当绞纱退绕困难时,运行速度自动降低30%,减少了纱线断头;

5.         筒纱大直径为Φ290mm,动程分152mm (6”)200mm (8”)两种

6.         绷架参数:宽220mm,周长1100~1800mm可调;

7.         每锭设有大小两套超前喂入轮装置。

QLS-101A semi-automatic hank to cone winders are used to produce warp and woof yarn package for rapier looms, high-speed warping machines and circular knitting machines.


专利号(Patent): ZL 02 2 61436.2

1.    Good package shape and low yarn breakage. Applicable yarns include pashm, wool,

 mercerized cotton and rayon/Chinlon yarns, etc.

 The applicable yarn range is 0.2s~150s;

 2.    One spindle one inverter so that the yarn speed is adjustableindividually between spindles.

 Soft startup and quick slowdown. The range of the yarn speed is between50-600m/min;

 3.     Electronic yarnbreak auto-stop function, and package-fullauto-stopfunction;

 4.     Automatic yarn speed reduction function reduces the yarnspeed by 30% whenthe intertwist occurs;

 5.     Maximum diameter of the cone yarn is Φ290mm;

  stroke of the guider is optional between 152mm (6”) and 200mm (8”)

6.     Swift specifications: 220mm in width with yarn perimeter from 1100-1800mm, adjustable;

7.     Every spindle has two sets of over-feeding wheel devices,one is big and the other is small.

  QLS-101A                 结构配CONFIGRATION